Author: Jason Meurer

Normally we try to allow our personalities shine through our posts, but we are living in abnormal times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic and is affecting everyone and everything.  As if worrying about whether or not you will live or die isn’t enough, criminals began capitalizing on the worry …

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Yes… another Emotet post, but they just keep on changing things up! We were having a look around our data from the Emotet botnet and came across an interesting example of the reply-chain tactic that has become the new normal for them.

As can be seen in the example above, …

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The Emotet botnet began sending holiday themed emails today. While this isn’t necessarily new to them, it does go to show that they are constantly experimenting with relevant themes along with their reply-chain style emails. Below are a few examples of emails that we saw cross our wires today:

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Ran across this brand new angle on sextortion today. Instead of looking for creds to use for authenticity in a sexotortion email, this actor has decided to send a very small and generic email with a link to a blog site. Reviewing the site leads to what amounts to a …

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The Emotet botnet updated their clients this morning around 6am EST.

We came across these hashes for the clients:


The following is a list of the C2 that were pulled from the binaries. Please use these to catch any infections that may be present within your …

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