Author: Chip

To GIMP or not to GIMP

Previously, I wrote a little doodad on scripting GIMP to reduce the timesuck of repetitive image manipulation and gave an example script on creating square, black bordered thumbnails of images with the thumbnailed image maintaining the proper aspect ratio. Yeah, kinda mediocre skillset-wise, but there is an entire index of …

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Getting Organized

I have this awful habit of testing concepts in poorly designed code with no logging, alerting, or comments, then somehow, they end up in production.  Not real production, but it fills a need, saves time and effort, and several others want to use it, so it’s available for anyone who …

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An Easy Networking Lab

We tend to go a bit overkill on everything. Building a desktop? Yeah, 64GB of RAM should suffice, you know, just in case Windows 11 comes out next week. Testing a new service in Amazon EC2? Well t3.xlarge has more than enough just enough in case of technical things I …

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The complexities of intelligence (late night ramblings of a madman)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows of someone who, as a young child, had a dog.  They liked dogs, so they learned dogs.  Dogs have four legs, and they stand on them.  One day, it became apparent …

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GIMP away your troubles

“Efficiency is intelligent laziness”

-David Dunham

Scripting is a great way to spend ten times the amount of time to automate something as it would have taken to just do it in the first place.  Sometimes it’s worth it because it saves you time in the long run, and sometimes …

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Smish Smash

It is interesting how paths sometimes overlap and/or converge. 

In this instance, we ended up with a reported smish (an SMS-based phish).  While SMS Phishing is something that is covered within Cofense’s Security Awareness training modules, it is not something that we see reported that often.

What makes this specific …

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